Bedeutung von “board” im Essential English Dictionary


noun uk /bɔːd/

A1 a surface on the wall of a classroom that a teacher writes on:

The teacher wrote her name on the board.

A2 a piece of wood, plastic, etc. on a wall where information can be put:

I put the notice up on the board.

A2 a flat piece of wood, cardboard, etc. for playing games on:

a chess board

B1 a flat object or surface used for a particular purpose:

an ironing board
a chopping board
on board

B1 on a boat, train, or plane

a long, thin, flat piece of wood:

He put some boards across the broken window.

a group of people who control a company:

The board approved the sales plan.

[ no plural ] UK meals that are provided when you stay in a hotel:

How much is a single room with full board (= all meals)?

[ no plural ] US meals that are provided to the students who live at a school or university:

Tuition fees do not include the price of room and board (= a place to live and food).

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