Bedeutung von “can” im Essential English Dictionary


modal verb uk strong /kæn/ uk weak /kən, kn/

A1 to be able to do something:

Can you drive?
I can’t swim.

A1 used to request something:

Can I have a glass of water?

A1 used in polite offers of help:

Can I help you with those bags?

A1 to be allowed to do something:

You can’t park here.
Can I go now?

A2 used to talk about what is possible:

You can get stamps from the local newsagents.

B1 used to show surprise or lack of belief:

You can’t possibly be hungry already!
Can you believe it?

used to talk about how someone often behaves or what something is often like:

She can be really rude at times.

(Definition von “can modal verb” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)