Bedeutung von “case” im Essential English Dictionary


noun uk /keɪs/

A2 a large bag with a handle that you use for carrying clothes in when you are travelling

A2 a container for storing or protecting something:

a pencil case

B1 a particular situation or example of something:

We usually ask for references, but in your case it will not be necessary.

something that is decided in a court of law:

a divorce case

a crime that the police are trying to solve:

a murder case
Local police have investigated 50 cases of burglary in the past month.
in case

B1 because something might happen:

I don’t think it will rain, but I’ll bring an umbrella just in case.
in case of something

B1 in preparation for something happening:

We keep a bucket of water here in case of fire.
be the case

B1 to be true:

A poor diet can make you tired, but I don’t think that’s the case here.
in any case

used to give another reason for something you are saying, or that you have done:

I don’t want to go, and in any case, I wasn’t invited.
in that case

because that is the situation:

‘Peter will be there.’ ‘Oh, in that case, I’ll come too.’

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