Bedeutung von “change” im Essential English Dictionary


noun /tʃeɪndʒ/

A2 the process or result of something becoming different:

We need to make / a few changes to the design.

A2 the process of stopping one thing and starting to have or do another thing:

a change of address
a change of plan

A2 [ no plural ] the money that you get back when you pay more for something than it costs:

Here’s your receipt and change.

A2 [ no plural ] coins, not paper money:

Do you have any change for the parking meter?
a change of clothes

A2 a set of clean clothes that you can put on if you need to take off the ones that you are wearing:

Make sure you bring a change of clothes.

B1 a different experience from what is usual:

You know, I’m really ready for a change.

B1 something that is pleasant or interesting because it is unusual or new:

It’s nice to see her smile for a change.

(Definition von “change noun” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)