Bedeutung von “course” im Essential English Dictionary


noun uk /kɔːs/
of course

A1 used to say ‘yes’ strongly, often to be polite:

‘Can you help me?’ ‘Of course!’
of course

B1 used to show that what you are saying is obvious:

Of course, the Olympics are not just about money.
of course not

A2 used to say ‘no’ strongly:

‘Do you mind if I borrow your pen?’ ‘Of course not.’

A1 a set of lessons about a particular subject:

She did a ten-week computer course.

A2 a part of a meal:

a three-course dinner

B1 an area used for horse races or playing golf:

a golf course

the direction in which a ship, plane, etc. is moving:

The boat was blown off course (= in the wrong direction).

the way something develops, usually over a long time:

Nuclear weapons have changed the course of history.

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