Bedeutung von "from" Essential English Dictionary


preposition uk strong /frɒm/ uk weak /frəm/

A1 used to show the place where someone or something started:

Did you walk all the way from the beach?
I’m flying from Chicago to Boston tomorrow.

A1 used to show the time when something starts or the time when it was made or first existed:

The museum is open from 9.30 to 6.00.

A1 used to say where someone was born, or where someone lives or works:

Steve’s father is from Poland.

A1 used to say how far away something is:

The house is about five miles from the city.

A1 used to say who gave or sent something to someone:

Who are your flowers from?

A2 used to say what something is made of:

juice made from oranges

If you take something from a person, place, or amount, you take it away:

He took a knife from the drawer.

used to say what causes something:

Deaths from heart disease continue to rise every year.
He suffers from asthma.

used to show a change in the state of someone or something:

Things went from bad to worse.

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