Bedeutung von “from” im Essential English Dictionary


preposition uk strong /frɒm/ uk weak /frəm/

A1 used to show the place where someone or something started:

Did you walk all the way from the beach?
I’m flying from / Chicago to Boston tomorrow.

A1 used to show the time when something starts or the time when it was made or first existed:

The museum is open from / 9.30 to 6.00.

A1 used to say where someone was born, or where someone lives or works:

Steve’s father is from Poland.

A1 used to say how far away something is:

The house is about five miles from the city.

A1 used to say who gave or sent something to someone:

Who are your flowers from?

A2 used to say what something is made of:

juice made from oranges

If you take something from a person, place, or amount, you take it away:

He took a knife from the drawer.

used to say what causes something:

Deaths from heart disease continue to rise every year.
He suffers from asthma.

used to show a change in the state of someone or something:

Things went from / bad to worse.

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