Bedeutung von “last” im Essential English Dictionary


adjective, determiner uk /lɑːst/
last week, year, Monday, etc.

A1 the week, year, Monday, etc. before the present one:

I went to Barcelona last month.

A2 the most recent:

What was the last movie you saw?
It’s rained for the last three days.

A2 Your last book, house, job, etc. is the one before the one that you have now:

My last house was half this size.

A2 happening or coming at the end:

It’s the last room on the left.
That’s the last programme of the series.
I was the last person to arrive.
→ Opposite first adj

B1 only remaining:

Who wants the last piece of cake?
the last person, thing, etc.

a person or thing that you do not want or expect:

Three extra people to feed – that’s the last thing I need!

(Definition von “last adjective, determiner” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)