Bedeutung von “of” im Essential English Dictionary


preposition uk strong /ɒv/ uk weak /əv/

A1 belonging to or relating to someone or something:

She is a friend of my cousin.
I like the colour of her hair.

A1 used after words that show an amount:

a bag of apples
both of us

A1 used with numbers, ages, and dates:

a boy of six
the 14th of February 1995

made or consisting of:

A2 showing position or direction:

the front of the queue
a small town north of Edinburgh

A2 showing someone or something:

a map of the city
a photo of my boyfriend

A2 used when comparing related things:

He’s the best-looking of the three brothers.

B1 showing a reason or cause:

He died of cancer.

used after an adjective when judging someone’s behaviour:

It was very nice of you to think of us.

(Definition von “of” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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