Bedeutung von “open” im Essential English Dictionary


verb uk /ˈəʊpən/

A1 If you open something, you make it change to a position that is not closed:

Could you open the window?
Open your eyes.

A1 If something opens, it changes to a position that is not closed:

The gate won’t open, so we can’t get in.

A2 to remove part of a container or parcel so that you can see or use what it contains:

Come on, open your present!
I can’t open this bottle.

A2 If a shop or office opens at a particular time of day, it starts to do business at that time:

What time does the bank open?

B1 to make a computer document or program ready to be read or used:

First, open the file called Statistics.

If a business or activity opens, or if you open it, it starts officially for the first time:

That restaurant’s new – it only opened last month.
The new hospital will be opened by the mayor.

(Definition von “open verb” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)