Bedeutung von “out” im Essential English Dictionary


adjective, adverb uk /aʊt/

B1 used to show movement away from the inside of somewhere:

He dropped the bag and all the apples fell out.

outside a building or room:

It’s cold out today.

A2 used to refer to a period of time when someone goes away from home for a social activity:

He’s asked me out to the cinema next week.

A2 not in the place where you usually live or work:

I went round to see her but she was out.

B1 ready to buy or see:

When is the new Spielberg movie out?

B1 able to be seen:

The stars are out tonight.

B1 to the point where something is removed or disappears:

The stain won’t come out.

A fire or light that is out is not burning or shining:

Bring some more wood, the fire’s out.

(Definition von “out” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)