Bedeutung von “point” im Essential English Dictionary


noun uk /pɔɪnt/

B1 an opinion, idea, or fact that someone says or writes:

He made / some interesting points about the election.
He explained his point by drawing a diagram.

B1 a unit used for showing who is winning in a game:

Arsenal are five points ahead.
The Knicks are ahead by 12 points.

an opinion or fact that should be considered seriously:

‘She’s always complaining that the office is cold.’ ‘Well, she has a point (= that is true).’
‘How are we going to get there if there are no trains?’ ‘That’s a good point.’

a quality that someone has:

I know she’s bossy, but she has lots of good points too.

the thin, sharp end of something:

the point of a needle

a particular place:

This is the point where the pipes enter the building.

a particular time in an event or process:

At this point in the day, I’m too tired to think.

the reason for or purpose of something:

What’s the point of going to college if you can’t get a job afterwards?
the point

the most important part of what has been said or written:

Come on, get to the point!
The point is, if you don’t claim the money now, you might never get it.
up to a point


What he says is true up to a point.

also decimal point the mark (.) that is used to separate the two parts of a decimal:

One mile equals one point six (= 1.6) kilometres.

one of the marks on a compass:

the points of the compass
be on the point of doing something

to be going to do something very soon:

Amy was on the point of crying.
make a point of doing something

to be certain that you always do a particular thing:

He made a point of learning all the names of his staff.

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