Bedeutung von “short” im Essential English Dictionary


adjective uk /ʃɔːt/

A1 having a small distance from one end to the other:

short, brown hair
short legs
→ Opposite long adj

A1 continuing for a small amount of time:

a short visit
→ Opposite long adj

A1 A short person is not as tall as most people.

→ Opposite tall

A2 A short book or other piece of writing has not many pages or words:

It’s a very short book – you’ll read it in an hour.

B1 not having enough of something:

I’m a bit short of money at the moment.

used to refer to a shorter form of a name or word:

Her name’s Jo – it’s short for Josephine.

(Definition von “short” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)