Bedeutung von “strong” im Essential English Dictionary


adjective uk /strɒŋ/

A2 A strong person or animal is physically powerful:

Are you strong enough to lift this table on your own?
→ Opposite weak

B1 A strong object does not break easily or can support heavy things:

a strong box

B1 If a taste, smell, etc. is strong, it is very easy to notice:

There’s a strong smell of burning.

B1 produced using a lot of power:

a strong kick
Her voice was clear and strong.

B1 Strong relationships last for a long time, and are not easily spoiled:

During the crisis their marriage remained strong.

of a good quality or level and likely to be successful:

a strong team
a strong economy

A strong feeling, belief, or opinion is felt in a very deep and serious way:

a strong sense of pride

If someone is strong, they are confident and able to deal with problems well:

All my aunts were strong women.

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