Bedeutung von “well” im Essential English Dictionary


adverb uk /wel/

A1 in a good way:

I thought they played well.
He’s doing well at school.

A2 in a complete way or as much as possible:

I know him quite well.
well done!

A1 used to tell someone how pleased you are about their success:

‘I passed my exams.’ ‘Well done!’
as well

A1 also:

Are you going to invite Steve as well?
as well as something

A1 in addition to something:

They have lived in the United States as well as Britain.
oh well

B1 used to say that a situation cannot be changed although it might be disappointing:

Oh well, you’ll have plenty of other chances to find a job.
all is well

B1 everything is in a good or acceptable state:

I hope all is well with Zack.
may/might as well

used to say that it is better to do something, even though it is not a lot better:

It’s not raining, so we might as well walk there.

(Definition von “well adverb” aus dem Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)