Bedeutung von “accept” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /əkˈsept/
Extra Examples
Will you accept the prize on my behalf?I'd be delighted to accept your invitation.Staff have voted to accept the pay offer.I accepted the job on the spot.The plans have been broadly accepted.
AGREE [ I, T ]

B1 to agree to take something that is offered to you:

to accept an invitation/offer
to accept a job
He won't accept advice from anyone.
Do you accept credit cards?

B2 to admit that something is true, often something unpleasant:

[ + (that) ] He refuses to accept that he's made a mistake.

B2 to allow someone to join an organization or become part of a group:

She's been accepted by two universities.
Many of the refugees have now been accepted into the local community.
accept responsibility/blame

B2 to admit that you caused something bad that happened:

The company has now accepted responsibility for the accident.

to understand that you cannot change a very sad or unpleasant situation:

The hardest part is accepting the fact that you'll never see that person again.

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