Bedeutung von “aim” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /eɪm/
Extra Examples
We aim to sell the best products at unbeatable prices.I aim to get there late afternoon.I aim to be finished by three o'clock.I aim to finish in record time.What time do you aim to be there?
aim for/at sth; aim to do sth

B1 to intend to achieve something:

I aim to arrive at three o'clock.
We're aiming for a 10% increase in sales.
be aimed at sb

B2 to be intended to influence or affect a particular person or group:

I think the comment was aimed at Lesley.
be aimed at doing sth

to be intended to achieve a particular thing:

a plan aimed at reducing traffic

[ I, T ] to point a weapon towards someone or something:

He aimed the gun at the lion.

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