Bedeutung von “all” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /ɔːl/
Extra Examples
She's all upset now!You're all pink!At the end of the treatment my legs were all smooth and silky.His feet were all red and blotchy.My scalp's all itchy.

A2 completely or very:

You're all wet!
I'm all excited now.
all over

A2 in every place:

Lee has travelled all over the world.


It was all over very quickly.
2/5/8, etc all

B1 used to say that two players or teams have the same number of points in a game:

It was 3 all at half time.
all along

B2 from the beginning of a period of time:

I said all along that it was a mistake.
all but


The film was all but over by the time we arrived.
all the better/easier/more exciting, etc

much better, easier, etc:

The journey was all the more dangerous because of the bad weather.
all in all

B2 considering everything:

All in all, I think she did well.

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