Bedeutung von “all” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /ɔːl/

A2 completely or very:

You're all wet!
I'm all excited now.

Mehr Beispiele

all over

A2 in every place:

Lee has travelled all over the world.


It was all over very quickly.
2/5/8, etc all

B1 used to say that two players or teams have the same number of points in a game:

It was 3 all at half time.
all along

B2 from the beginning of a period of time:

I said all along that it was a mistake.
all but


The film was all but over by the time we arrived.
all the better/easier/more exciting, etc

much better, easier, etc:

The journey was all the more dangerous because of the bad weather.
all in all

B2 considering everything:

All in all, I think she did well.

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