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verb [ T ] us uk /əˈlaʊ/
Extra Examples
We're not allowed to serve alcohol to anyone under 18.Cars are not allowed in the town centre.Companies are not allowed to advertise cigarettes on television any more.Visitors are allowed in the gardens on condition that they don't touch the plants.Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

B1 to give someone permission for something:

[ often passive ] Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant.
Are dogs allowed in the hotel?
[ + to do sth ] You are not allowed to use calculators UK in the exam/US on the exam.
[ + two objects ] Patients are not allowed visitors after nine o'clock.

to not prevent something from happening:

[ + to do sth ] They have allowed the problem to get worse.

to make it possible for someone to do something:

[ + to do sth ] The extra money will allow me to upgrade my computer.

to plan to use a particular amount of money, time, etc for something:

Allow three hours for the whole journey.

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