Bedeutung von “balance” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈbæləns/

B2 the state of having your weight spread in such a way that you do not fall over:

I lost my balance and fell off the bike.
The force of the explosion threw him off balance (= it was difficult for him to stay standing).

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EQUAL [ U, no plural ]

B2 a situation in which the correct amount of importance is given to each thing so that a situation is successful:

We hope to strike a balance between police powers and the protection of citizens.
The new factory will destroy the ecological balance in the area.
→ Opposite imbalance
FAIR [ U ]

the quality something has when it considers all the facts in a fair way:

I felt his report lacked balance.
on balance

B2 used to give your opinion after you have considered all the facts about something:

On balance, I'd prefer a woman dentist to a man.

B2 the amount of money that you still have to pay, or that you have left to use:

[ usually singular ] I always pay off the balance on my credit card each month.

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