Bedeutung von “beat” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /biːt/ past tense beat, past participle beaten, also US beat

B1 to defeat someone in a competition:

Our team beat Germany 3-1.

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HIT [ I, T ]

B2 to hit a person or animal hard many times:

She beat the dog with a stick.
She was beaten to death.
SOUND [ I, T ]

to hit against something hard, making a continuous or regular sound:

Rain beat against the windows.
the sound of birds beating their wings

to get rid of something bad:

measures to beat crime
I'm determined to beat this illness.

B1 When your heart beats, it makes regular movements and sounds:

By the time the doctor arrived, his heart had stopped beating.
BE BETTER [ T ] informal

to be better than something:

[ + doing sth ] Being at the youth club beats sitting at home.
you can't beat sth

used to emphasize that something is best:

You can't beat Pedro's for a great pizza.
take a lot of/some, etc beating

mainly UK to be so good or enjoyable that it is hard to find anything better:

For romantic movies, The Notebook takes some beating.
FOOD [ T ]

to mix food using hard, quick movements:

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff.

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