Bedeutung von “beauty” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈbjuːti/
Extra Examples
She had brains and beauty.She captivated film audiences with her beauty and charm.The Lake District is renowned for its beauty.The beauty of the landscape is beyond compare.Horses have an athletic beauty unmatched by any other animal.

B1 the quality of being beautiful:

The whole area is famous for its natural beauty.
a beauty contest (= competition to find the most beautiful woman)
the beauty of sth

the quality that makes something especially good or attractive:

The beauty of the plan is that it won't cost anything.
a beauty product/treatment

a product or treatment to make you more beautiful

EXCELLENT THING [ C ] informal

something that is an excellent example of its type:

That last goal was a beauty.
WOMAN [ C ] old-fashioned

a beautiful woman

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