Bedeutung von “blow” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /bləʊ/ past tense blew, past participle blown
WIND [ I ]

B1 If the wind blows, it moves and makes currents of air:

A cool sea breeze was blowing.
The wind blew hard, rattling the doors and windows.
Outside the wind was starting to blow hard.

B1 to force air out through your mouth:

She blew on her coffee before taking a sip.
blow sth down/across/off, etc

B1 If the wind blows something somewhere, it makes it move in that direction:

The storm blew trees across the road.

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MOVE [ I ]

to move in the wind:

The branches were blowing in the breeze.
Her hair blew across her face and she couldn't see.

B1 to make a sound by forcing air out of your mouth and through an instrument:

Ann blew a few notes on the trumpet.
MAKE [ T ]

to make shapes out of something by blowing it:

to blow bubbles
SPEND [ T ] informal

to spend a lot of money quickly and without considering it seriously:

Lou blew all her prize money on a diamond necklace.
blow it/your chance(s) informal

If you blow it or blow your chance, you lose an opportunity to do something by doing or saying the wrong thing:

I blew it when I criticized the way she ran the office.
Tom blew his chances of getting the job by arriving late for the interview.
blow your nose

B1 to clear your nose by forcing air through it into a handkerchief (= piece of cloth or soft paper)


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