Bedeutung von “body” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈbɒdi/
Extra Examples
the human bodya supple bodythe upper bodyAlcohol depletes the body of B vitamins.Babies find it difficult to regulate their body temperature.

A1 the whole physical structure of a person or animal:

the human body
They covered their bodies with mud.
DEAD [ C ]

A2 a dead person:

Police found the body in a field.

B1 the main part of a person or animal's body, not the head, arms, or legs:

a dog with a thin body and short legs
GROUP [ group ]

an official group of people who work together:

the sport's regulatory body
MAIN PART [ no plural ]

the main part of something:

The body of the book is about his childhood.
AMOUNT [ no plural ]

a large amount of information:

a body of research into AIDS

the main part of a vehicle:

The body of the ship was not damaged.

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