Bedeutung von “break” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /breɪk/
Extra Examples
Let's have a little break.There's a short break for coffee between classes.I've been working all day without a break.Let's stop for a break, shall we?There'll be a ten-minute break between sessions.

A2 a pause in an activity, usually to rest or to eat:

a coffee/tea break
Take a break and come back after lunch.

B1 a holiday or period of time away from work, school, etc:

the spring break
a weekend break to Paris

a lucky opportunity:

His big break came when he was offered a part in a TV series.
Meeting Tom was my lucky break.

B1 a place where something has separated in an accident:

a break in the bone
a break with sth

the end of a relationship, connection, or way of doing something:

a break with tradition

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