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verb us uk /bɜːst/ past tense and past participle burst
Extra Examples
The tank had burst, flooding the basement.He took great delight in bursting all Millie's balloons.The town was flooded when the river burst its banks.My water bottle had burst at the bottom of my bag and everything was soaked.His appendix burst and nearly killed him.

B2 [ I, T ] If a container bursts, or if you burst it, it breaks suddenly, so that what is inside it comes out:

A water pipe burst and flooded the cellar.
burst in/out/through, etc

B2 to move somewhere suddenly and forcefully:

Three masked men burst into the bank.
burst into flames
burst into laughter/tears, etc

B2 to suddenly start laughing/crying, etc:

She burst into tears and ran away.
burst open

to open suddenly and with force

be bursting with confidence/joy, etc

to be full of an emotion or quality:

She was bursting with pride.
be bursting to do sth informal

to want to do something very much:

I was bursting to tell him about the party.

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