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verb us uk /bɜːst/ past tense and past participle burst

B2 [ I, T ] If a container bursts, or if you burst it, it breaks suddenly, so that what is inside it comes out:

A water pipe burst and flooded the cellar.

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burst in/out/through, etc

B2 to move somewhere suddenly and forcefully:

Three masked men burst into the bank.
burst into flames
burst into laughter/tears, etc

B2 to suddenly start laughing/crying, etc:

She burst into tears and ran away.
burst open

to open suddenly and with force

be bursting with confidence/joy, etc

to be full of an emotion or quality:

She was bursting with pride.
be bursting to do sth informal

to want to do something very much:

I was bursting to tell him about the party.

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