Bedeutung von “bury” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /ˈberi/
Extra Examples
He was buried in the village where he grew up.She was buried in a biodegradable coffin.The bodies had been buried in a shallow grave.She watched the dog burying its bone.It is common practice to bury waste in landfills.

B1 to put a dead body into the ground:

[ often passive ] He was buried next to his wife.

B1 to hide something in the ground or under something:

buried treasure
[ often passive ] Two climbers were buried in the snow.
bury your face/head in sth

to move your face/head somewhere where it is hidden:

She buried her face in her hands.
bury yourself in sth

to give all your attention to something:

He buried himself in his work.
→ See also bury the hatchet

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