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verb us uk /kɔːl/
be called sth

A1 to have a particular name:

a man called John
What's your dog called?
Their latest record is called "Ecstasy".

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GIVE NAME [ + two objects ]

B1 to give someone or something a particular name:

I want to call the baby Alex.
DESCRIBE [ + two objects ]

B2 to describe someone or something in a particular way:

She called him a liar.
Doctors are calling it an epidemic.

B2 to ask someone to come somewhere:

She called me into her office.
He was called to an emergency meeting.
SHOUT [ I, T ] also call out

B1 to shout or say something in a loud voice:

I thought I heard someone calling my name.

A2 to telephone someone:

He called me every night while he was away.
Has anyone called the police?
VISIT [ I ] mainly UK UK call by/in/round

to visit someone for a short time:

John called round earlier.
call an election/meeting, etc

to arrange for an election/meeting, etc to happen:

The chairman has called an emergency meeting.
→ See also call sb's bluff , call it a day

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