Bedeutung von “central” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈsentrəl/
Extra Examples
The city's smaller libraries will be merged into a large, central one.Of course you pay more for buildings with a central location.Crowds gathered in the central square in a show of support for the government.Floods have wreaked havoc in central Europe.He lived for a while in central London.

B1 in or near the centre of a place or object:

central Africa/America
The roof is supported by a central column.
ORGANIZATION [ always before noun ]

controlled or organized in one main place:

the US central bank
central control/planning

main or most important:

a central character/figure
the central argument of the book
Her role is central to the film.

in the main part of a town or city:

Our offices are very central.
centrally adverb

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