Bedeutung von “certain” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈsɜːtən/
NO DOUBT [ never before noun ]

B1 completely sure of something, or knowing without doubt that something is true:

[ + (that) ] I feel absolutely certain that you're doing the right thing.
[ + question word ] Nobody was certain how the accident had happened.
He was quite certain about/of the thief's identity.
→ Opposite uncertain

Mehr Beispiele

  • She feels certain that she's right.
  • I think it was him but I can't be certain.
  • With Lewis as captain we are certain of success.
  • I'd like to help out but I don't know for certain whether I'll be there.
  • I can't say for certain whether I'll be coming.
know/say for certain

to know something without doubt:

We don't know for certain whether she's coming.

B1 sure to happen, to do something, or to be true:

[ + (that) ] It now looks certain that she will resign.
[ + to do sth ] She is certain to do well UK in the exams/ US on the exams.
How can we make certain that (= do something to be sure that) she sees the note?
One thing is certain. Her attacker knew where she lived.
PARTICULAR [ always before noun ]

B1 used to refer to a particular person or thing without naming or describing them exactly:

The museum is only open at certain times of the day.
Certain people react badly to these drugs.
a certain

B2 used before a noun to mean existing, but difficult to describe the exact quality or amount:

He's got a certain charm.
You have to have a certain amount of courage to perform in public.
certain of formal

used to refer to some of a group of people or things:

Certain of you already know the news.

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