Bedeutung von “chance” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /tʃɑːns/

B1 the possibility that something will happen:

[ + (that) ] There's a chance that she'll still be there.
She has little chance of passing the exam.
Is there any chance of a drink?
She's ruined my chances of getting the job.

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B1 the opportunity to do something:

[ + to do sth ] I didn't get a chance to speak to you at the party.
I hope you've had the chance to look around the exhibition.
Give me a chance to prove that I can do the work.
Going on a world cruise is the chance of a lifetime (= an opportunity which only comes once in your life).
LUCK [ U ]

B1 the way something happens because of luck, or without being planned:

I saw her by chance in the shop.
a game of chance
RISK [ C ]

B2 a risk:

I'm delivering my work by hand. I'm not taking any chances.
by any chance

used to ask in a polite way whether something is possible or true:

You're not Spanish by any chance, are you?
stand a chance

to have a chance of success or of achieving something:

He stands a good chance of winning the election.
chances are

it is likely:

[ + (that) ] Chances are that he'll refuse.
No chance!/ Not a chance!

used to emphasize that there is no possibility of something happening:

"Do you think she'd go out with me?" "No chance!"

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