Bedeutung von “claim” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /kleɪm/
SAY [ T ]

B2 a statement that something is true, although you have not proved it:

[ + (that) ] She claimed that the dog attacked her.
[ + to do sth ] He claims to have seen a ghost.

Mehr Beispiele

claim credit/responsibility/success, etc

to say that you have done or achieved something:

No one has claimed responsibility for yesterday's bomb attack.
→ Opposite disclaim

B2 to ask for something because it belongs to you or you have the right to have it:

She claimed $2,500 in travel expenses.
If no one claims the watch, then you can keep it.
KILL [ T ]

If an accident, war, etc claims lives, people are killed because of it:

The floods claimed over 200 lives.

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