Bedeutung von “click” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /klɪk/
Extra Examples
Click on the yellow button.Click twice on the icon.When you've selected the right file, click the 'Open' box.Click on the underlined word and you'll go straight to the website.I could hear her clicking the mouse.
SOUND [ I, T ]

to make a short, sharp sound, or to use something to make this sound:

The door clicked shut behind him.

A2 to press on part of a computer mouse (= small computer control) to make the computer do something:

To start the program, click on its icon.
PEOPLE [ I ] informal

If two people click, they like each other immediately.

IDEA [ I ] informal

to suddenly understand something:

Suddenly everything clicked and I realized where I'd met him.
→ See also double-click , snap your fingers

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