Bedeutung von “clock” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /klɒk/
Extra Examples
I was so bored I kept looking at the clock.Is that clock slow?There wasn't a clock on the platform and I wasn't wearing a watch.We need a clock for the kitchen.The clock is powered by two small batteries.

A1 a piece of equipment that shows you what time it is, usually in a house or on a building:

She could hear the hall clock ticking.

a piece of equipment in a vehicle for measuring how far it has travelled:

The car has 63,000 kilometres on the clock.
around/round the clock

all day and all night:

Rescue teams are working round the clock to search for survivors of the earthquake.
race/work against the clock

to do something as fast as you can in order to finish before a particular time

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