Bedeutung von “close” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ I, T ] us uk /kləʊz/

A1 If something closes, it moves so that it is not open, and if you close something, you make it move so that it is not open:

Jane closed the window.
Lie down and close your eyes.
Suddenly the door closed.

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A2 If a shop, restaurant, public place, etc closes, people cannot go in it:

The store closes at 8 p.m.

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ORGANIZATION also close down

B2 If a business or organization closes, or if someone or something closes it, it stops operating:

Many factories have closed in the last ten years.

B2 to end, or to end something:

She closed the meeting with a short speech.

If a computer program or a window on a computer screen closes, or if you close it, it stops operating because you tell it to:

This file won't close.

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