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adjective us uk /kləʊs/

A1 near in distance:

His house is close to the airport.

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A1 near in time:

It was close to lunchtime when we arrived.

A2 If people are close, they know each other very well and like each other a lot:

close friends
I'm very close to my brother.
RELATIVE [ always before noun ]

B1 A close relative is someone who is directly related to you, for example your mother, father, or brother.


seeing or talking with someone a lot:

Our school has close links with a school in China.
I'm still in close contact with my school friends.
be/come close to doing sth

to almost achieve or do something:

We are close to reaching an agreement.
be close to sth

If someone or something is close to a particular state, they are almost in that state:

She was close to tears.

B2 A close game, competition, etc is one in which people's scores are nearly the same.

CAREFUL [ always before noun ]

looking at or listening to someone or something very carefully:

On close inspection, you could see that the painting was a fake.
Keep a close watch on the children (= watch them carefully).

Close weather is too warm and there is not enough fresh air.

closeness noun [ U ]

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