Bedeutung von “comfortable” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈkʌmftəbl/
Extra Examples
Travel is infinitely more comfortable now than it used to be.Driving along in a comfortable car can give you a false sense of security.Is your bed comfortable?It's a very attractive chair but it's not very comfortable.You need a fabric that is both comfortable and durable.

A2 Comfortable furniture, clothes, rooms, etc make you feel relaxed and do not cause any pain:

comfortable shoes
We had a comfortable journey.

B1 If you are comfortable, you are relaxed and have no pain:

Make yourself comfortable while I fetch you a drink.
I don't feel comfortable in high heels.
→ Opposite uncomfortable

B2 If you are comfortable in a situation, you do not have any worries about it:

I don't feel comfortable about leaving the children here alone.

having enough money for everything that you need:

a comfortable retirement

If you win a game or competition by a comfortable amount, you win easily:

a comfortable lead/victory
comfortably adverb

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