Bedeutung von “condition” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /kənˈdɪʃən/
Extra Examples
The building is supposedly in good condition.Many school buildings are in an unsatisfactory condition.For sale: ladies bicycle - good condition.Her condition deteriorated rapidly.The doctors said her condition was critical and she might not survive.
STATE [ U, no plural ]

B1 the state that something or someone is in:

My bike's a few years old but it's in really good condition.
He's in no condition (= not well enough) to travel.

something that must happen or be agreed before something else can happen:

One of the conditions of the contract is that we can't keep pets.
on condition that

B2 only if:

Visitors are allowed in the gardens on condition that they don't touch the plants.

B2 an illness:

a serious heart condition

B1 the physical situation that people are in:

working/living conditions
severe weather conditions

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