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noun us uk /kənˈtrəʊl/
Extra Examples
a battle for control in the boardroomShe seemed relaxed and in control of the situation.The council will retain control of the school.She has effective control of the company.At 80 he still refuses to relinquish control of the company.

B2 the power to make a person, organization, or object do what you want:

The new teacher has no control over the class.
The police are in control of the situation.
The place was in chaos, and nobody seemed to be in control.
He lost control of the vehicle.
RULE [ U ]

B2 the power to rule or govern an area:

Soldiers took control of the airport.
under control

B2 being dealt with successfully:

Don't worry - everything's under control.
I couldn't keep my drinking under control.
out of control

B2 If something or someone is out of control, you cannot influence, limit, or direct them:

The mob was completely out of control.
RULE [ C, U ]

B2 a rule or law that limits something:

CALM [ U ]

the ability to be calm:

It took a lot of control to stop myself from hitting him.

B2 a switch or piece of equipment that you use to operate a machine or vehicle:

Where's the volume control on your stereo?

B2 a place where something official, usually a document, is checked:


[ C ] a person or thing that is used to compare with someone or something that is having an experiment done on them

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