Bedeutung von “control” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /kənˈtrəʊl/ present participle controlling, past tense and past participle controlled
Extra Examples
I try to control what my children watch on TV.He's incapable of controlling his temper.He's on medication to control his depression.They should be able to control the riots without resorting to violence.He could hardly control his fury.

B1 to make a person, organization, or object do what you want:

A board of directors controls the company.
This switch controls the temperature.
Can't you control your dogs?

B2 to limit the number, amount, or increase of something:

Fire crews struggled to control the blaze.

B2 to rule or govern an area:

The whole area is controlled by rebel forces.

B1 to stop yourself expressing strong emotions or behaving in a silly way:

He can't control his temper.
[ often reflexive ] Please try to control yourself - you're upsetting everyone.

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