Bedeutung von “crazy” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈkreɪzi/
Extra Examples
He'd be crazy to refuse an offer like that.You're going out in all this snow! Are you crazy?Why would she do a thing like that? She must be crazy!Oliver's going to go crazy when he sees the state of this car!Work is driving me crazy at the moment.

A2 stupid or strange:

a crazy idea
I was crazy not to take that job.

B2 annoyed or angry:

The children are driving me crazy (= making me annoyed).
Dad went crazy when I told him what had happened.
be crazy about sb/sth

A2 to love someone very much, or to be very interested in something:

Mia's crazy about baseball.
go crazy

to become very excited about something:

When he came on stage the audience went crazy.
like crazy informal

If you do something like crazy, you do a lot of it, or do it very quickly:

We worked like crazy to get everything finished.
crazily adverb
craziness noun [ U ]

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