Bedeutung von “dare” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /deər/
Extra Examples
She didn't dare to disagree with him.She hardly dared look at him.He would not have dared say no.Just one person dared to speak.He said we were all happy at work, and nobody dared to contradict him.
dare (to) do sth

B2 to be brave enough to do something:

I didn't dare tell Dad that I'd scratched his car.
dare sb to do sth

to try to make someone do something dangerous:

She dared her friend to climb onto the roof.
Don't you dare informal

used to tell someone angrily not to do something:

Don't you dare hit your sister!
How dare she/you, etc

used to express anger about something someone has done:

How dare you talk to me like that!
I dare say also I daresay

used when you think that something is probably true or will probably happen:

I dare say she'll change her mind.

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