Bedeutung von “dead” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ded/

A2 not now alive:

She's been dead for 20 years now.
He was shot dead by a masked intruder.
There were three children among the dead.

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B2 If a piece of equipment is dead, it is not working:

a dead battery
The phone suddenly went dead.
QUIET informal

If a place is dead, it is too quiet and nothing interesting is happening there.

COMPLETE [ always before noun ]


We waited in dead silence as the votes were counted.
BODY mainly UK

If part of your body is dead, you cannot feel it:

My arm's gone dead.
wouldn't be caught/seen dead informal

If someone wouldn't be caught dead in a place or doing something, they would never go there or do it, usually because it would be too embarrassing:

[ + doing sth ] I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a bikini.
drop dead informal

to die very suddenly

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