Bedeutung von “defence” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun UK US defense us uk /dɪˈfens/
Extra Examples
A row has erupted over defence policy.The war is straining the defence budget.The country has joined the debate on nuclear defence.There's been an increase in defence spending.The government's policy on defence has been strongly criticized.

the weapons and military forces that a country uses to protect itself against attack:

Government spending on defence is increasing.
the defence minister/industry

B2 protection, or something that provides protection against attack or criticism:

the body's defences against infection
She argued strongly in defence of her actions.
come to sb's defence

to support someone when they are being criticized

the defence

[ group ] the lawyers in a court who work in support of the person who is accused of a crime:

He was cross-examined by the defence.
a defence lawyer
SPORT /ˈdɪfens/ [ C, U ]

B1 the part of a sports team that tries to prevent the other team from scoring points:

Our team has a very strong defence.
→ See also self-defence

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