Bedeutung von “defence” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun UK US defense us uk /dɪˈfens/

the weapons and military forces that a country uses to protect itself against attack:

Government spending on defence is increasing.
the defence minister/industry

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B2 protection, or something that provides protection against attack or criticism:

the body's defences against infection
She argued strongly in defence of her actions.
come to sb's defence

to support someone when they are being criticized

the defence

[ group ] the lawyers in a court who work in support of the person who is accused of a crime:

He was cross-examined by the defence.
a defence lawyer
SPORT /ˈdɪfens/ [ C, U ]

B1 the part of a sports team that tries to prevent the other team from scoring points:

Our team has a very strong defence.
→ See also self-defence

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