Bedeutung von “either” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun, determiner us uk /ˈaɪðər, ˈiːðər/
Extra Examples
It is unlikely that either man will walk again.It can't have been easy for either of them.Do either of you girls want a drink?There were candles at either end of the table.In either case you'll need someone to help you.

B1 one of two people or things when it is not important which:

"Would you like red or white wine?" - "Oh, either."
Ask Dom or Andrew, either of them will help you.

B2 both:

People were smoking on either side (= at both sides) of me.
You can use the train or the bus, either way it'll take an hour.

(Definition von “either pronoun, determiner” aus dem Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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