Bedeutung von “fair” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /feər/
Extra Examples
a fair and equitable voting systemA trial must be fair and impartial.What's the most fair way of dividing things up?Society isn't fair.It's not fair that some people have to wait so long for medical treatment.

B1 treating everyone in the same way, so that no one has an advantage:

a fair trial
That's not fair. You always go first!

B1 acceptable or right:

a fair deal
We'd like to move abroad, but it's just not fair on the children.
→ Opposite unfair

A2 having pale skin or a light colour of hair:

a boy with fair hair and blue eyes
→ Opposite dark adjective (NOT PALE)
a fair amount/distance/size, etc

quite a large amount, distance, size, etc:

There's still a fair bit of work to be done on the house.

sunny and not raining:

Tomorrow will be fair, with some early morning frost.

not very good but not very bad:

He has a fair chance of winning.
fair enough informal

B2 used to say that you agree, or think that something is acceptable:

"He'll only work on Sunday if he gets paid extra." "Fair enough."
→ See also fair play , have your (fair) share of sth

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