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verb us uk /fiːl/ past tense and past participle felt

A1 to experience an emotion or a physical feeling:

You shouldn't feel embarrassed about making a mistake.
I felt a sharp pain in my side when I stood up.
"Are you feeling better?" "Yes, thanks, I feel fine now."

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feel better/different/strange, etc; feel like/as if

B1 If you describe the way a place, situation, or object feels, you say how it seems to you, or what your experience of it is like:

It felt strange to see him again after so long.
The house feels empty without the children.
This shirt feels tight under my arms.
I feel as if I've known you for ages.
feel like sb/sth

B1 to seem to be similar to a type of person, thing, or situation:

My feet feel like blocks of ice.
I felt like a fool when I saw what everyone else was wearing.

B1 to think something or have an opinion:

[ + (that) ] I feel that he's the best person for the job.
Do you feel strongly (= have strong opinions) about it?
She feels certain that she's right.
TOUCH [ I, T ]

B2 to touch something, especially with your hands, in order to examine it:

He felt her ankle to see if it was broken.
I felt for a pulse.
feel like sth/doing sth

B1 to want something, or want to do something:

I feel like some chocolate.
Jane felt like crying.

B2 to be aware of something:

You could feel the tension in the room.
I could feel them watching me.
→ See also feel free , feel the pinch , be/feel under the weather

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