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noun [ C ] us uk /ˈfɪɡər/
Extra Examples
Write the number in figures rather than words.Please write the amount in figures on your cheque.Just enter the number in figures.The software recognizes figures.The amount should be written in figures.

B1 a symbol for a number:

Write down the amount in words and figures.
He's now being paid a six-figure salary.
single/double, etc figures

numbers from 0 to 9/numbers from 10 to 99, etc


B1 a number that expresses an amount, especially in official documents:

Government figures show a rise in unemployment.

B2 a particular type of person, often someone important or famous:

a mysterious figure
Lincoln was a major figure in American politics.

B2 a person that you cannot see clearly:

I could see two figures in the distance.

B1 the shape of someone's body, usually an attractive shape:

She's got a good figure for her age.
PICTURE written abbreviation fig.

a picture or drawing in a book or document, usually with a number:

Look at the graph shown in Figure 2.
→ See also father figure

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