Bedeutung von “fill” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /fɪl/
MAKE FULL [ I, T ] also fill up

A2 to make a container or space full, or to become full:

He filled the bucket with water.
I made a drink while the bath was filling.
Her eyes filled up with tears when she heard the news.

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B1 If people or things fill a place, there are a lot of them in it:

The streets were filled with tourists.
Dark clouds filled the sky.

B1 If light, sound, or a smell fills a place, you can easily notice it:

The smell of smoke filled the room.
fill sb with anger/joy/pride, etc

B2 to make someone feel very angry/happy/proud, etc:

The thought of losing him filled her with fear.
fill a post/position/vacancy

B2 to give someone a new job:

They still haven't filled the vacancy.
fill a need/gap/demand

to provide something that people need or want

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