Bedeutung von “fit” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /fɪt/ present participle fitting, past tense and past participle fitted

B1 to be the right shape or size for someone or something:

This skirt doesn't fit any more.
I can't find a lid to fit this jar.

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fit (sth) in/through/under, etc

B1 If people or things fit somewhere, or if you can fit them somewhere, that place is big enough for them:

How many people can you fit in your car?
This radio is small enough to fit into my pocket.
PUT [ T ] mainly UK

B2 to put or fix something somewhere:

You ought to fit a smoke alarm in the kitchen.
SAME [ I, T ]

to be the same as or like something:

She seems to fit the police description.

to be suitable for something:

The punishment should fit the crime.

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