Bedeutung von “happy” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈhæpi/

A1 pleased and in a good mood, especially because something good has happened:

I'm glad you've finally found someone who makes you happy.
Jean seems much happier now that she's moved out.

Mehr Beispiele

  • We married very young but we've been really happy.
  • She seemed happy enough.
  • If I can just get through my exams I'll be so happy.
  • You're happy and that's the main thing.
  • He didn't look very happy.
happy to do sth

A2 to be willing to do something:

I'd be very happy to help, if you need me to.

A1 making you feel happy, or expressing happiness:

a big, happy smile
Did the book have a happy ending?

A2 satisfied and not worried:

Are you happy with your exam results?
I'm not very happy about you travelling alone at night.
Happy Birthday/New Year, etc

A1 something friendly that you say to someone on a special day or holiday:

Happy Anniversary!
→ Opposite unhappy

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